Our mission

We provide a digital development environment and quantum solutions for scalable quantum computing, helping our customers innovate from hardware to software to make practical applications a reality today

Get the quantum edge with the first quantum design automation tool

From individual atoms to large scale digital quantum algorithms

Quantum computing developers

Quantum hardware companies

Enabling technologies providers

Research labs

Simplify testing of new ideas and achieve the ultimate performance from your quantum hardware with our virtual quantum design environment and advanced qubit control.

Use-case developers and quantum providers

Application industries

Quantum and HPC hubs


Experience quantum computing with the most performant and user-friendly virtual quantum computer, with access to hundreds of qubits.

Accelerate your quantum development cycle

Large scale quantum circuit simulator

Test quantum algorithms on our cloud-based quantum circuit simulator with access to hundreds of virtual qubits with performance exceeding today’s best NISQ quantum computers

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Hardware accurate quantum digital twin

The first fully customizable and hardware accurate virtual quantum computer. Waveform level simulation of actual quantum devices with an extensive library of components and noise models

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Hardware optimized quantum gate sets

Our patented gate protocols are both platform-flexible and hardware-specialized, enabling the fastest and highest-fidelity quantum gates for reaching the fault-tolerant regime today

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World class expertise

Sébastien Buffechoux


Guido Masella


Guido Pupillo

Qubit control lead

Johannes Schachenmayer

Numerics lead

Shannon Whitlock

Hardware lead

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