The world’s most powerful virtual quantum computer

MIMIQ offers streamlined access to industry-best quantum emulators and tools with performance pushing the boundaries of classical and quantum computing capabilities

Prepare end users for the transformative potential of quantum computing

Identify the best hardware platforms for achieving a quantum advantage

Benchmark and improve the performance of real quantum computers

Invent, synthesize and test new quantum algorithms

MIMIQ integrates highly efficient statevector and matrix product states (MPS) techniques, the gold standard for efficient simulation of quantum algorithms and quantum computers. MIMIQ is the only quantum platform that enables fast and numerically exact calculation of arbitrary quantum circuits with millions of gates and entanglement bound circuits with thousands of qubits.

MIMIQ uses Matrix Product States (MPS), highly efficient compressed representations of the full quantum state which makes it possible to simulate quantum circuits with many more qubits than is possible with statevector techniques. MPS simulation can be exact for entanglement limited circuits (e.g. the Quantum Fourier Transform has an exact MPS representation) or approximate for large entanglement circuits with accuracy exceeding state-of-the-art quantum computers.

Speed is crucial for testing NISQ quantum algorithms which require many iterations and early fault-tolerant quantum algorithms with millions of gates. MIMIQ achieves record fast run times and high fidelities by fully exploiting low level CPU instructions, advanced circuit pre-conditioning and low level memory optimization.

MIMIQ provides greater computing power at your fingertips and at any time. Run your jobs at ease using our managed cloud platform and benefit from continuous upgrades and new capabilities. MIMIQ integrates with your existing quantum workflow with user friendly Python and Julia interfaces as well as native OpenQASM support.

To benchmark MIMIQ we use the MQT Bench library which consists of 28 quantum algorithms and more than 70,000 circuits with between 2 and 130 qubits. MIMIQ achieves 100% accuracy for the vast majority of these circuits – more than any other quantum platform.

  • Lightning fast statevector engine
  • Large-scale matrix products states engine
  • Managed cloud computing resources tailored to your needs
  • Simulation of ideal and noisy quantum circuits
  • Access to full quantum state properties: state amplitudes, measurement results, circuit fidelity…
  • Dynamic circuit support: midcircuit measurements, reset, conditional logic…
  • Large library of circuit primitives for efficient circuit composition and execution
  • Python and Julia libraries with extensive documentation
  • Full OpenQASM v2 support and v3 feature compatibility

QPerfect SAS
European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ)
23 rue du Loess, 67200 Strasbourg, France

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