QPerfect and Quera Computing join forces to accelerate the emergence of large scale FTQC solutions

QPerfect ,a pioneer in advanced simulation methods for accelerating progress in quantum computing and applications and QuEra Computing Inc. a global leader in neutral-atom quantum computing, today announced a partnership, with the support of QAI Ventures, to develop and test quantum error correction protocols and fault-tolerant quantum algorithms using tensor network methods.

The partnership makes use of MIMIQ by QPerfect, a powerful virtual quantum computer and quantum simulation framework, to conduct high-fidelity, large-scale simulations of logical quantum algorithms at previously unthinkable scales. This will assist QuEra Computing Inc. in evaluating the impact of realistic errors and non-Clifford operations on logical quantum algorithms for atomic quantum computers. We are eager to see how the results of the collaboration can benefit the wider quantum computing community.

Link to Press release here: https://lnkd.in/eFnePq9g

🗨 Alexandra Beckstein, CEO & Co-founder, QAI Ventures: “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to advancing the quantum computing industry. By leveraging advanced simulation techniques and cutting-edge quantum hardware, this collaboration can drive significant progress in quantum error correction, paving the way for transformative solutions.”

🗨 Yuval Boger, Chief Commercial Officer, QuEra Computing: “We are excited to collaborate with QPerfect to accelerate our work on quantum error correction. The advanced tensor network simulation techniques developed by QPerfect complement our existing specialized tooling for Clifford circuits.”

🗨 Guido Masella, CTO, QPerfect: “Our collaboration with QAI Ventures and QuEra aligns perfectly with our mission and core business. We are excited to work on leading edge solutions that address the key challenge for quantum computing: quantum error correction and fault-tolerant-quantum computing.”

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