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Develop and run your quantum algorithms using our large scale quantum circuit simulator (technology preview)

The MIMIQ quantum circuit simulator uses highly efficient compression schemes to accurately represent quantum states of many qubits.  It makes it possible to test quantum algorithms on commodity hardware beyond the limits of today’s best NISQ based quantum computers.

Use cases

Learn how to program more complex algorithms with hundreds of qubits

Optimize quantum protocols to take full advantage of today’s NISQ hardware

Move towards a quantum advantage for your quantum computing applications


  • Exact simulations of entanglement-bound quantum circuits with hundreds of qubits*
  • Approximate simulation of large quantum circuits exceeding NISQ performance
  • Integrate cloud based quantum computing into your existing workflow with easy to use Python and Julia interfaces
  • Quick access to full quantum state features, including state amplitudes, qubit correlations and entanglement measures
  • Entanglement/noise sensitive profiling and compression of quantum algorithms for near term quantum hardware (coming soon)
  • Batch processing and automatic optimization of variational quantum circuits (coming soon)

* based on randomized benchmarking and established benchmark algorithms by the Quantum Economic Development Consortium QED-C

Benchmark results

Circuit fidelity and simulation run time for a dense random Clifford+T benchmark circuit using the MIMIQ Quantum Circuit Simulator for up to 2048 qubits. Simulations were performed on a single computational node with a maximum run time of 300 seconds per data point.

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